Graduate School of Social Development and Management Strategy (NIDA)

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The Commencement Year 2020 29 December 2020 255
The Strengthen Relationships Through Sport (SDA BKK G.30) 29 December 2020 260
Dr.Patcharinruja Juntaronanont has been promoted as a PR working group for the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. 29 December 2020 328
Prof.Siwatt Pongpiachan talked about tackling PM 2.5 air pollution via technology and applying key takeaways from case studies of other countries via Thailand Today2021 EP40 program. 29 December 2020 241
Asst.Prof.Dr.Li Renliang held the focus group for the topic of social parties participation to resolve the poverty THAI-CHINA. 29 December 2020 320
Mr.Sommart Barah (Yala G.13 Alumni) was rewarded the honorable mention to be "The Excellent District Chief Officer". 07 December 2020 262
Mr.Somjit Sangchom (BKK G.24 Alumni) was selected to be "The Excellent Official Government Year 2020". 07 December 2020 255
Dr.Patcharinruja Juntaronanont led MA's Students (PDS G.23) to King Prajadhipok museum for the field trip. 02 December 2020 292
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Somsak Samukkethum led MA's Students (NIDA YALA G.24) to Walailak University for the field trip. 02 December 2020 276
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Somsak Samukkethum performed as a lecturer with the topic of "Workshop: Research and academic paper writing for publishing in the international accredited journal" for Krik University's Faculties. 02 December 2020 222


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