Graduate School of Social Development and Management Strategy (NIDA)

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Asst.Prof.Dr.Li Renliang joined to be the representatives of Peking University Alumni Association of Thailand to donate 100,000 THB to Chulalongkorn hospital in order to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. 07 May 2020 186
Ms.Yaowarin Prommanee (Yala's G.20) joined to receive the donation by Tubtim Goddess Shrine Foundation for Yala hospital. 04 May 2020 204
Mr.Jumpol Deng-ka (Yala's G.24) joined to organize the market, give the hygienic masks and face shields for the food sellers during Ramadan at Cho Ai Rong district. 01 May 2020 233
Mr.Athirat Kongkiatchai (Yala's G.24) joined to spray the hygienic ethyl alcohol in order to kill COVID-19 for the risk areas of all Betong district, Yala Province. 01 May 2020 202
Phrakhu Wora-buddhapirak (Abbot) and Mr.Samran (Yala's G.11) built almshouse at Buddha-Phoom temple,Mueang Yala district in order to give food for people who were effected by COVID-19. 22 April 2020 202
Phrakhu Somsak (Yala's G.11) went to the communities at Mueang Yala district in order to give food for people who were effected by COVID-19. 21 April 2020 191
Ms.Fareeda Mamah (Yala's G.20) went to knock on the door for creating the COVID-19 realization in Su Nghai Padi district,Narathiwat province. 17 April 2020 202
Ms.Sureerat Faizai (Yala's G.23) cooked the food and made the Face Shield to offer the people who were effected by COVID-19 at Pattani province. 17 April 2020 205
Mr.Nurasuwan Ratsadee (Yala's G.20) went to give survival bags for the people on probation who behaved well of the project named the probation not leaving. 17 April 2020 196
Mr.Sompon Wongwiwat (Yala's G.1) donated 1,000 Baht and gave food for the poor and unemployed who were effected by COVID-19 at Buddha-Phoom temple, Yala province. 17 April 2020 209


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