Graduate School of Social Development and Management Strategy (NIDA)

Master Degree Program

Social Development Administration and Politics Development Strategy fields are aimed to produce the graduates who are able to analyze, criticize and synthesize and have practical wisdom with morality. Also, they are able to understand the interaction on politics, power, reason and morality with the systematical development.

Doctoral Degree Program

The program is aimed to produce the graduates are as Academic, Researcher, Planning and Policy Analysis, Social Development Administration. Moreover, they are able to create the new body of knowledge in social development and administrative strategy.

Financial Aid

GSDMS scholarship are offered to students both Master’s and Doctoral Degree. Three types of the scholarships are as Chang – Puek Scholarship, Tuition Fees Scholarship and Thesis Scholarship.

Graduate School of Social Development and Management Strategy

The Country Leading School that creates the Body of Knowledge for Social Development.


A leading school that trains postgraduates to be equipped with bodies of knowledge related to social development and administrative strategy which meet international standards.


Holistic Learning for Driving Social Change and Moral Responsibility.


Capable of Analysing, Doing Research, Achieving Goal, Setting the Policy, Easing Problems, Social Development



Dean Hotline

    You can make a complaint, inform problems and suggestions in order to become the way to develop our school. Please specify their topics for convenient communication via or fill this form below.


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